There is a secret to living a full life. It is to imagine how you will feel when the time comes for you to die.

From the Laws of the Sun

Welcome to Happy Science

 We are a worldwide movement for the happiness of humanity. By empowering individuals to achieve lasting happiness we aim to create a world of harmony, love and prosperity.

 Ryuho Okawa is the most influential spiritual leader of Japan and has released over 1000 books globally. His compassion and tireless efforts have created a great movement that is transforming not only the hearts and minds of people, but also our very understanding of religion and our world.

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Spiritual and religious books and teachingsThere are thousands of teachings at Happy Science but the very first thing everyone must know is that we have a soul. The soul is our real self, therefore, satisfying your physical desires alone will not bring you real happiness. The way to living a happy and bright life is through the exploration and practice of the four Principles of Happiness:

The Principle of Love:

When we give love, we discover that our thirst for love and happiness is eased. Love is also to believe in other people. If people are sons of the Devil, we could not love each other, but people are children of God. As such, we have to suppress some of our less admirable desires, and instead, be kind to those around us and try to live a life that is of benefit to them and to society as a whole.

 The Principle of Wisdom:

Wisdom means deep, life-knowledge and includes knowing spiritual facts and the Universal Truth. Knowledge is power. It provides us with the answers to solve our problems and relieve us from our worries. Furthermore, by knowing the Truth, we can transform our lives by turning our former problems into rewarding experience. In turn, the experience will allow us to speak words of wisdom to guide others.

The Principle of Self-reflection:

We think that once a mistake is made, it is fixed forever in reality and cannot be altered. In a material sense, this is true. But what happens in the mind encompasses past, present and future. When we regret and truly repent on our actions, the mistake can not only be undone, but the blessings we receive for awakening to the Truth will far outweigh what we had before. Genuine self-reflection can offer far more than simple forgiveness and provide support, encouragement, power and energy.

The Principle of Progress:

There are many methods to win or succeed whether in business or in life. The law of thought is that both good and bad thoughts will someday be manifested. By mastering love, wisdom, and self-reflection, we can find ourselves on the right path to progress: one in which the achievement of our goal will contribute to the happiness of all humankind.


temple meditation prayerHappy Science was established in Tokyo, Japan in 1986 and rapidly growing today with 12 million members in more than 90 countries. Ryuho Okawa’s teachings of love and enlightenment are bringing the world together, and people of all races, nationalities and faiths are studying and uniting together in joy, in harmony and with deep-found respect for each other.


 Happy Science is opening a bright future for the world.

Who am I? What is the purpose of life? Where do I come from and where am I going? At Happy Science, you will discover all the answers to these fundamental questions you have in your life.



Master Ryuho Okawa Lecture World Teacher Ryuho Okawa the founder of Happy Science, was born on July 7th 1956 in Tokushima Japan. After graduating from the University of Tokyo he joined a Tokyo-based trading house. While working at its New York headquarters, he studied finance at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York.

On March 23rd 1981, he achieved Great Enlightenment, and awakened to the hidden part of his consciousness, El Cantare, whose mission is to bring happiness to all humanity.

In 1986 he established Happy Science and since then he has devoted his life to the exploration of the Truth and finding ways to bring true happiness to people all over the world.

As an International Best Selling Author, he has written more than 1000 books and in 2010, he published 52 books, setting the Guinness World Record for “most books written in one year by an individual.”

From his clear and simple teachings of Universal Truth, you will discover the true meaning of life and how to attain true happiness and prosperity.


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